Accident Repair Guide

If you and your vehicle are involved in an accident, you need to always keep the following five pointers in mind to have your vehicle properly serviced:

  • Report the accident to the authorities and obtain a full police report.
  • Advise your insurance company if you are going to make a claim.
  • Drop your vehicle to your local Al Habtoor Motors Workshop and request an estimate. (We will need the original police report, a copy of the driving license of the person who was driving at the time of the accident, and a copy of the vehicle's registration card).
  • Advise your Service Advisor if the repairs will be covered by insurance or paid in cash. If it is by cash, you will need to approve the estimate, and if it is through Insurance, we will liaise with you and your insurer to secure the repair approval. The excess amount should be paid as per what is mentioned in the insurance policy.
  • As soon as the estimate is approved, we will repair your vehicle at the soonest possible opportunity, in accordance with the standards stipulated by the manufacturer.