Al Habtoor Motors takes pride in its policy of 'service excellence', a quality that is offered as an 'essential extra' with every vehicle we sell. It is also the reason why you and your car get the following benefits when servicing with us:

  • Comprehensive preventive maintenance based on factory recommendations and specified standards for effectiveness and consistency in your car's performance
  • The benefit of best technical know-how application through fully trained technicians whose knowledge and skills, along with service and repair techniques, are constantly upgraded. This is done through workshops both at the Principal's factories and in-house
  • The use of specific factory designed and specialized tools at all times, to ensure that quality is never compromised under any circumstances
  • Use of only 'genuine parts' to guarantee comprehensive vehicle safety
  • Smoother warranty approval processing for any in warranty work required on your vehicle
  • Exclusive workmanship and parts fitted guarantee for 3 months or 6,000 km, whichever comes first on every repair commitment
  • Enhanced re-sale value on your vehicle by using 'authorized dealer serviced' seal of quality
  • Full service history along with the authorized stamp and signature of our service advisor in your vehicle service booklet
  • New Services: Currently there are no new services. However we shall keep you updated as and when introduced