Developed from rally racing, the 2023 Outlander's state-of-the-art Super All Wheel Control technology features direct coupling with quick torque response and is fully integrated with the six available drive modes. And with new MUD mode now available in All-Wheel Control (AWC), Mitsubishi's 4WD mode, you can drive with confidence in almost any condition.


Get Into Outpacing the Competition

Outlander's 4-cylinder engine was redeveloped to achieve improved engine output and torque, fuel economy and clean emissions at the highest possible levels. By incorporating the latest technologies like the use of direct injection, an electrically operated valve timing control (VVT) system, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and mirror bore coating, Outlander's engine balances fuel economy with acceleration performance.

ELECTRIC POWER STEERINGAdvanced Control, Intuitive Comfort Whether in a parking lot, on a short city trip, or traveling long distances, the 2023 Outlander's improved dual pinion electric power steering delivers a more pleasant and natural steering experience. Plus, with an increased adjustment range, telescopic steering provides enhanced comfort to each individual driver.

SUSPENSIONSmooth as Silk, Light as Aluminum Outlander's newly developed suspension features light-weight and high-rigidity aluminum components, hollow stabilizing bars and anti-vibration support. The smooth ride we're known for just got even smoother, quieter and more comfortable.

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