PERFORMANCESPIRITED PERFORMANCEThe OUTLANDER delivers the high performance you demand of a rugged SUV, including powerful acceleration and responsive road handling. Wherever you travel, you'll enjoy next-generation SUV advantages while also minimizing environmental impact through high fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions.


Power the OUTLANDER with your choice of two clean and efficient engines - 2.4-liter MIVEC* or 3.0-liter V6 MIVEC. The MIVEC DOHC engines are both extremely responsive and fuel efficient, while the high displacement V6 engine supplies supremely powerful acceleration even when carrying heavy loads or traveling up mountainsides.

NEW CVT The new-generation CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) offers smoother, more satisfying response in all driving conditions as well as quicker response during partial acceleration. Reduced friction-induced torque loss contributes to higher fuel economy.

ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED 4WD Electronically controlled 4WD offers incredible traction and stability even in challenging terrain by optimally combining with Active Stability Control (ASC). The Drive Mode Selector lets you easily select the most appropriate drive mode when desired: 4WD ECO mode for maximum economy, 4WD AUTO mode for normal driving conditions, or 4WD LOCK mode for rough terrain.

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