Accidents happen. Mitsubishi knows that sometimes the road throws an unexpected surprise in your path, so Pajero is outfitted with an array of advanced active and passive safety technologies. Enjoy your drive with the peace of mind of knowing that you and your passengers are safe and secure.


The strength of Pajero ladder frame has been nearly tripled over previous designs, providing even better resistance to torsional and flexural stresses without any further increase in weight. This rigidity translates to better handling and comfort over difficult road conditions and lower chance of control loss.


ASTC analyses the forces acting on Pajero to anticipate control loss and take preventive measure. Additional braking is delivered to the wheels that need it. Enabling you to hold your line precisely through each turn.

Multi-Mode ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

When the road throws you an unexpected curve, ABS ensures that you'll be ready. The 4- sensor, 4-channel system is matched to each SS4 II mode to ensure skid-free braking regardless of surface conditions.

EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution)

EBD modulates each braking channel independently, providing additional force to the rear wheels when the vehicle is carrying passengers or cargo. This ensures you are able to come to a stop quickly and safely, regardless of load or road conditions.

Dual-Stage SRS Airbag System

In the event of a forward collision, the driver and front passenger are both protected by front SRS airbags. To further increase the safety, the onboard computer measures the force of impact and adjusts airbag deployment speed to best reduce the chance of injury to occupants.

Safety-Design Fuel Tank

Positioned ahead of the rear axle to help prevent leakage in a collision, Pajero's fuel tank is also guarded by a tough resin underprotector.


Using front and rear crumple zone to absorb and diffuse collision damage before it can reach the cabin interior, Pajero's RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body design is built to minimize occupant injury regardless of which direction trouble comes from. The rigid monocoque body provides further protection by encasing occupants within a steel framework that resists damage.

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