• Sterling silver metallic (U25)
    Sterling silver metallic (U25)
  • Deep bronze metallic (C17)
    Deep bronze metallic (C17)
  • Medium red (P17)
    Medium red mica (P17)
  • Deep blue mica (T64)
    Deep blue mica (T64)
  • Titanium gray metallic (U17)
    Titanium gray metallic (U17)
  • White pearl (W54)
    White pearl (W54)
  • Black mica (X08)
    Black mica (X08)


LED headlamps and daytime running lights

Sophisticated LED headlamps and daytime running lights contribute to an appealing, high-quality personality.

LED rear combination lamps

Dynamic LED rear combination lamps boldly proclaim this is no ordinary SUV.

Auto light function

This feature contributes to both convenience and safety by automatically turning the headlamps on and off depending on the level of ambient light outside the vehicle. The level of light is determined by a rain/light sensor that can distinguish between overpasses and tunnels.



Adventure calls from the well-appointed cockpit, which surrounds you with solid craftsmanship, supportive comfort, intelligent features and a wide open view. From refined meters to sophisticated floor console, every feature is fine-tuned to enhance driving pleasure and keep you in confident control.

Note: Some of the vehicle images /features/specifications may vary in appearance or availability. Please check with your nearest Al Habtoor Motors, Mitsubishi Showroom.