PERFORMANCEPERFORMANCEHowever you choose to drive, the pure excitement of the rally courses that gave birth to Lancer EX is unmistakable. It's in the hum of power rising from beneath the hood, and the exquisite smoothness of the CVT as it shifts up and down.

Once Lancer EX has spoken to you, you'll understand.


2.0-LITER MIVEC ENGINE Absolute thrill in a 4-cylinder package. Lancer EX's 2.0-liter powerhouse uses a lightweight aluminum block for optimum performance as it puts out 110kW(150PS) to take control of city streets and open highways alike. MIVEC technology provides optimal valve timing at both low and high rev ranges, to give you the most of every curve and straightaway out there.

1.6-LITER MIVEC ENGINE The 1.6-liter engine is a concentrated rush of excitement, laying down enough power for sporty performance wherever there's pavement to be found. Like its bigger cousin, this engine also features an aluminum block for better efficiency and MIVEC technology for more aggressive starts and maximum high-range output.

CVT WITH INVECS-III With CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), Lancer EX offers a new level of driving enjoyment: an automatic transmission that's quiet, efficient, and eliminates the harshness and power lag of traditional gear changes

MIVEC TECHNOLOGY MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control) is an exclusive technology that adjusts intake timing for optimal performance across the rev range. At low ranges, MIVEC provides on-demand acceleration for quicker starts, while higher ranges receive an impressive boost of power.

Available on CVT models, Sports Mode lets you enjoy the racing feel of changing gears with a 6-step shift control that still provides the convenience of an automatic transmission. For even greater control, paddle shifters built directly into the steering wheel make shifting as easy as a single press of your finger.

4AT WITH INVECS-II Available on 1.6-liter models, the 4-speed automatic transmission provides reliability and convenience with the intelligent performance of INVECS-II shift control. Designed to minimize torque and acceleration fluctuations, the 4AT gives smoother shifting and optimal engine performance.

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