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About AHM Car Servicing

Al Habtoor Motors takes pride in its policy of ‘service excellence’, a quality that is offered as an 'essential extra' with every vehicle we sell. It is also the reason why you and your car get the following benefits when servicing with us:

  • Comprehensive preventive maintenance based on factory recommendations and specified standards for effectiveness and consistency in your car's performance
  • The benefit of best technical know-how application through fully trained technicians whose knowledge and skills, along with service and repair techniques, are constantly upgraded. This is done through workshops both at the Principal's factories and in-house
  • The use of specific factory designed and specialized tools at all times, to ensure that quality is never compromised under any circumstances
  • Use of only ‘genuine parts’ to guarantee comprehensive vehicle safety
  • Smoother warranty approval processing for any in warranty work required on your vehicle
  • Exclusive workmanship and parts fitted guarantee for 3 months or 6,000 km, whichever comes first on every repair commitment
  • Enhanced re-sale value on your vehicle by using 'authorized dealer serviced' seal of quality
  • Full service history along with the authorized stamp and signature of our service advisor in your vehicle service booklet
  • New Services: Currently there are no new services. However we shall keep you updated as and when introduced

Locations & Contact Numbers

Service Centres

Locations Tel No. Fax No. Email
Dubai Garhoud Workshop 04 230 87 00 04 282 30 43
Dubai Investment Park 04 810 39 00 04 885 32 02
Dubai Al Quoz Workshop 04 384 54 00 04 339 36 38
Sharjah Workshop 06 514 64 02 06 543 16 60
Abu Dhabi Workshop 02 505 90 00 02 555 33 41
RAK Workshop 07 205 82 04 07 235 11 13
Fujairah Workshop 09 223 29 61 09 223 28 86
Al Ain Workshop 03 703 46 04 03 721 15 69
Ajman 06 714 79 04 06 741 90 00
Umm Ramoul 04 253 1700 04 253 1788

Parts Branches

Locations Tel No. Fax No.
AJMAN W/SHOP 06 714 79 04 07 741 90 00
AUH ROYAL CARS 02 5059000 02- 5059088
AL AIN 03 703 46 06 03 721 15 69
AL QUOZ 04 384 54 00 04 339 36 38
DIC PARTS 04 899 69 99 04 885 60 47
DIP W/SHOP 04 810 39 00 04 885 32 02
DUBAI PARTS 04 608 41 06 04 268 47 40
FUJAIRAH 09 223 29 82 09 223 28 86
GARHOUD 04 230 87 06 04 282 30 43
MUSSAFAH 02 555 56 26 02 555 97 87
RAS AL KHAIMAH 07 205 82 06 07 235 11 13
SHARJAH 06 514 64 06 06 542 35 59
DEIRA 04 608 4106 04 608 4948

Accident Repair Guide

If you and your vehicle are involved in an accident, you need to always keep the following five pointers in mind to have your vehicle properly serviced:

1. Report the accident to the authorities and obtain a full police report.

2. Advise your insurance company if you are going to make a claim.

3. Drop your vehicle to your local Al Habtoor Motors Workshop and request an estimate. (We will need the original police report, a copy of the driving license of the person who was driving at the time of the accident, and a copy of the vehicle’s registration card).

4. Advise your Service Advisor if the repairs will be covered by insurance or paid in cash. If it is by cash, you will need to approve the estimate, and if it is through Insurance, we will liaise with you and your insurer to secure the repair approval. The excess amount should be paid as per what is mentioned in the insurance policy.

5. As soon as the estimate is approved, we will repair your vehicle at the soonest possible opportunity, in accordance with the standards stipulated by the manufacturer.

Estimation Costs

A nominal price is chargeable for accident repair estimation. However this amount is 100% refundable if repairs are approved and undertaken with the Al Habtoor Workshop, or is part of a contract. Our estimate prices are:

- AED 15,000 and below: AED 100

- AED 15,000 - 30,000: AED 200

- Above AED 30,000: AED 400

Tips on Driving your Mitsubishi

Driving 4WD vehicles in sand

This is the time to use the ‘special transfer shift lever ‘provided in your 4WD vehicle. Set the lever to '4H' or '4L' ('4H' or '4HLC' for super select II transmission) as per sand conditions and driving speed. Once you are in the right gear, depress accelerator gradually for a smooth start and maintain a constant pressure on the accelerator.

Smart Tip: Select '4L' or '4HLC' preferably for very soft sand. When climbing sharp grades, if you start losing traction when on a slope, ease off the accelerator and turn the steering back and forth gently to regain aggregate traction again. More importantly, check the ground slope beforehand to see if it is smooth with few loose stones and obstacles. It is also advisable to step out and judge whether you and your vehicle can handle the gradient.
Smart Tip: Always go straight up. Never traverse across a steep slope. When descending sharp grades, set the transfer shift lever to '4L' or '4LLC' downshift to a lower gear and descend gradually as straight as possible, without trying to snake down. Avoid changing gears or using the clutch while descending. Once again, it's always advisable to step out and check the gradient physically.
Smart Tip: Choosing the right gear is essential if crossing a stream. Where possible, avoid entering streams because water can affect the electrical circuits of the vehicle. If you do have to cross a stream, step out and check the stream first, looking for the shallowest portion or where it is at least less than 60 cm deep. Set transfer shift to '4L' or '4LLC' and drive very slowly with minimum splashing.
Smart Tip: After crossing, always check brakes as they may not function properly. Driving slowly while lightly pressing the brake pedal will dry the brake pads.

Caution – Automatic Safety Device

If your transfer system malfunctions, the safety device automatically turns off the front and rear wheel lamps. Also the center differential lamp will blink repeatedly and engaging the transfer shift will become impossible. If this happens, park immediately. Turn off the engine and restart it. If lamps are working normally, your car is fine. If the lamp starts blinking once again, get your vehicle serviced.

- Always operate the rear differential switch when the vehicle is stationery
- Operating it when driving could make the vehicle turn unexpectedly
- Use the rear differential only when the vehicle is stuck and the transfer shift
- '4L', '4LLC' or '4HLC' is unable to free the vehicle. De-activate it immediately after use
- If the rear differential is engaged while taking a turn, the vehicle will be unable to turn and will move straight ahead
- If the automatic transmission fluid temperature lamp lights up, immediately pull over and idle the engine till the lamp goes off. If the warning lamp stays lit, get the vehicle serviced
- Never cross streams where the water level is more than 60 cm
- After operating your vehicle in rough conditions always do the following: Check vehicle for any damage
- Check brakes and dry out brakes by driving slowly with the brakes pressed
- After crossing a stream, check engine, transmission and differential oil. If it has become milky or cloudy by mixing with water, replace the oil
- Check inside of vehicle for water seepage
- Check headlamps. If flooded with water, drain it off

Checks before driving long distance in your vehicle:

- Check tyres for pressure, cuts and depth of grooves
- Check engine, transmission and power steering oil for oil level, impurity and leaks
- Check cooling water level and if radiator cap is fixed properly
- Check battery for electrolyte level, terminals and leaks
- Check windscreen washer fluid level after sitting down
- Check steering wheel for looseness and play
- Check hand brake operation
- Check horn, windscreen wipers and window washers
- Check rear and side view mirrors for looseness and dirt
- Check door locks and seat belts for proper operation
- Check all lamps
- Check engine exhaust colour. It should be colourless if fuel is burning efficiently while driving
- Check brakes
- Check all recently repaired items are functioning

‘Tyre Care’ tyres offer you both a safe and comfortable ride

They also ensure that your vehicle grips the road well. Which is why the following precautions are recommended for a good driving experience:

- Regularly inspect tyres for cracks or bulges and replace them immediately if you find any
- Inspect and adjust tyre pressure at a petrol station regularly. Check tyre pressure when the tyres are cold for the most accurate reading.
- Never exceed the tyre pressure specified on the tyre wall side. However when pulling an extra heavy load and sustaining a high speed, it is recommended that you increase the tyre pressure by 3-4 psi.
- Inspect tyres at regular intervals of approximately every 10,000 km. Get them checked for improper tyre patterns and tread wear. These problems if addressed in time can be fixed by an authorized technician and increase both your safety and the tyres’ life.
- Rotate tyres to increase their life span. Depending on whether your vehicle is front or rear wheel drive, the right rear or front wheel tyre can wear out twice as fast as the other tyre on the same side, because it is the driving tyre and roads are slightly crowned and rough on the right side. Prevention first, savings later.
- Preventive maintenance is the best thing you can do for your vehicle. Regular checkups are a must, both for your safety and the vehicle's functionality. If the vehicle is used under severe conditions, maintenance must be performed more regularly than recommended.

Severe conditions include the following:

- Driving in dusty areas
- Driving on rough roads
- Long engine idling or leaving vehicle with air conditioning on for long periods
- Frequent and sudden braking
- Towing a trailer over 50% usage in heavy traffic or in temperatures above 32 Celsius

Service Contract

Your safety and driving pleasure on the road is our driving force. Keeping that in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that besides good driving skills, regular maintenance of your vehicle as stipulated by the manufacturer is very important for your safety.

Therefore, to make sure your vehicle is always performing in top condition, get in touch with us by phone on 04 - 608 4000 ext. 4447/4474 or via email at Our Service Advisors will answer your queries or guide you through the entire process of drawing up a service contract.

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