Mitsubishi Pajero – King of the Road for 35 years

February 1, 2017
Over the past three and half decades, one SUV has seen growing popularity in the automotive sector, particularly in the SUV category – The Mitsubishi Pajero. The rugged, stylish and dependable Pajero was brought to the UAE by Al Habtoor Motors, the official dealer of Mitsubishi.
The first Pajero prototype was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 1973. The Pajero II prototype followed in 1978, five years later. Mitsubishi’s aim was to create more of a recreational vehicle, not just an SUV. In January 1983, the first Pajero made its debut at the Paris Dakar Rally, taking first place in 1985. To date, the Pajero is the most successful vehicle in the Dakar Rally (winning its class 7 out of the last 10 races, and 15 of the full 32 races)
For years, the Mitsubishi Pajero has ranked high in  the world rally scene – be it the Italain Baja, UAE Desert Challenge, Tunisia Rally, Por Las Pampas, Morocco Rally or the Granada-Dakar.
The Pajero enjoys a large fan following and has been highly successful in the UAE. Indeed, its iconic image, rally heritage as well as its robust performance and an array of advanced active & passive safety technologies have made it the most preferred 4WD in this region.   Over the decades, the Pajero has become the Best Value Japanese SUV and the Preferred Family Vehicle in the UAE. Today it is an embodiment of ultimate pride, quality, reliability and safety.
Apart from low maintenance and a smooth drive, the Pajero also boasts the best residual value in its class making it a great investment. Today, with three and a half decades of trust there are over  100,000 satisfied Pajero customers in the UAE.
Featuring a new front bumper, front guards, side steps and rear deflector, chrome radiator grille, door handles and mirrors, plus privacy glass, the 2016 Pajero rolls on sturdy 18-inch alloy wheels. High intensity discharge headlamps and front LED daytime running lights now come as standard to help improve visibility.
The 2016 Pajero comes with two engine choices – a 3.5 litre V6 that churns out 186 horsepower and a larger 3.8 litre V6 that whips out 246 horsepower and boasts a top speed of 200 km/h. While a 4 speed automatic transmission is what the 3.5 litre variant receives, a 5 speed automatic transmission makes its way into the beefier 3.8 litre variant.