Al Habtoor Motors opens Technical & Training Center

February 1, 2016
The new center ensures enhanced technical product knowledge for both AHM employees as well as its customers.
In keeping with its vision and mission to build on its continued success and ongoing business growth, Al Habtoor Motors has always focused on shaping a fully qualified team to handle the operations. As part of its ongoing efforts to ensure all employees get the latest technical updates, Al Habtoor Motors has opened a new Technical & Training Center housing better facilities in terms of space and equipment for delivering complete training to AHM employees.
The new center also aims to update and train Fleet Users to ensure their vehicles run in the most efficient and economical way, as AHM customers are business partners and not just customers.
The employees and fleet users will be trained in TRIO business satisfactory link – The Customer: by providing best solutions to his/her satisfaction, The Company: by achieving the targets set by Chairman, and The Employees: by ensuring they work with passion and motivation to be the best in class.
The Technical & Training Center meets the training needs of various department. It further senses and analyses the employee’s needs and delivers training accordingly.
“The newly hired  employees will be trained on vehicle specifications to enable them to be skilled enough to understand new products launched in the market for better presentation of the vehicles features and offer better after sales benefits to customers.”, said Dr. Saleh El Chouli, Director, Technical & Training.
The service centers’ technicians  will be updated on new technologies applied to new models and existing vehicles, enabling them to maintain and repair vehicles professionally (Do it right the first time) for better customer satisfaction.
Al Habtoor Motors aims to be one of the leaders in introducing new training programs for spare parts department employees. The new center will conduct a special program (Parts Components) during which parts employees will have a better understanding of construction, function and failure of spare parts they are dealing with.
Service advisors will be given ongoing training to ensure  new product knowledge for handling customers and answering all their enquiries.
Customer Relation Management Employees’ training focuses  on new product features thereby enabling the CRM team to build data base required for improving customer satisfaction.
Al Habtoor Motors understands the initial cost of a vehicle is important, but not as important as its running cost. Keeping this in mind and considering its customers as its business partners, AHM is keen to assist them running their fleet of vehicles in most efficient, safe and economical way. The new center trains their drivers on a program called (Daily inspection, safety and eco drive). By training their foremen, supervisors and technicians, ensures efficient maintenance the customer’s fleet of vehicles. The new center’s technical library is at their disposal and in return Al Habtoor Motors gains customer loyalty by providing best solutions.
Furthermore, being one of the most well equipped training centers in the region, the new Al Habtoor Motors Technical & Training Center aims to host regional training programs for different automobile brands Al Habtoor Motors represents like Mitsubishi, FUSO, JAC, Chery, Bentley, Bugatti and McLaren.
The new training center is committed to answer employees’ and customers’ technical inquiries, and delivers its expertise and provides a technical library for strengthening the partnership with customers.
Al Habtoor Motors believes in promotion from within, and by efficiently training employees, they can build a highly skilled team who have the passion to contribute to company growth.